All adult studio and mat classes are an hour in duration. Off The Mat classes are 55 minutes long. Bookings are essential for all classes. 

Please call recep­tion on 3356 4722 or email if you need to make a book­ing, can­cel­la­tion or change a class time.

As the class sched­ule is very busy we ask that you give 10-hours notice for any book­ing change or can­cel­la­tion. Unfor­tu­nately, can­cel­la­tion within 10 hours of your sched­uled class/session or fail­ure to notify us of your can­cel­la­tion, may incur the cost of the class. However, we are understanding of cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances.



A one-hour private session for clients wanting to commence studio pilates. This will consist of a postural analysis and introduction to the Pilates principles and technique. This session will be used to allow for individualised programming to work with your  body's strengths and weaknesses and help you achieve your goals.


Studio sessions are available as private, duet or small group sessions. The small groups are run with a max­i­mum of three people, work­ing through indi­vid­u­alised pro­grams. All clients must under­take an initial con­sul­ta­tion prior to com­menc­ing stu­dio ses­sions to allow for a pro­gram to be designed to best suit their needs and goals. The ses­sions incor­po­rate some mat work, the use of small appa­ra­tus and the use of the var­i­ous pilates equip­ment, including the reformer, combo chair, lad­der bar­rel and trapeze table.


Kids Studio Pilates are 45 minute studio sessions using the reformer and other pilates equipment.  These are specialised sessions designed specifically for children and adolescents aged 10 - 15 to assist in whole body health.  Sessions focus specifically on building strength and control in growing bodies. We cater for performance and injury prevention for specific sports and activities such as, swimming, dance, soccer, cricket, tennis, hockey and netball. 


A 30 minute one-on-one session for clients totally new to pilates and wanting to commence mat classes. The session will consist of a postural analysis and introduction to the Pilates principles and technique. 


Our mat classes are for fit and able bod­ies and cater for begin­ners through to those prac­tic­ing at an inter­me­di­ate level.  The classes are small, with a max­i­mum of ten peo­ple, so you can receive per­sonal atten­tion through­out the class.  The classes focus on the prin­ci­ples and tech­nique of pilates and at times incor­po­rate the use of small appa­ra­tus such as fit-balls, foam rollers, magic cir­cles, chi balls and ankle/hand weights.

Intermediate Mat

These mat classes are designed for more experienced pilates students. Clients benefit from a greater challenge with new moves and a faster pace.


Off The Mat is an exclusive class to Body Revolution Pilates Studio and are created by our Director Sharon Porter. It draws from her background and experience as a music and dance educator and her extensive pilates practice. 

Off The Mat is an accelerated and new form of mat pilates which incorporates a fusion of pilates with jazz and contemporary dance. It expands on the traditional method by incorporating fluid transitions into whole body integrated movement sequences that are choreographed to music.

 Sharon's goal was to design and create a new class that is unique, challenging, uplifting and fun. Off The Mat aims to increase the enjoyment of pilates without diluting the true form of the method or sacrificing the intensity and focus of the work.

Girls Pilates

Girls Pilates classes are 45 minute group mat class specif­i­cally designed for girls aged 10–15 years to develop whole body health. Classes are run in a 6–8 week block each term.