All adult studio and mat classes are an hour in duration. Off The Mat classes are 55 minutes long. Bookings are essential for all classes. 

Please call recep­tion on 3356 4722 or email info@bodyrevolution.com.au if you need to make a book­ing, can­cel­la­tion or change a class time.

As the class sched­ule is very busy we ask that you give 10-hours notice for any book­ing change or can­cel­la­tion. Unfor­tu­nately, can­cel­la­tion within 10 hours of your sched­uled class/session or fail­ure to notify us of your can­cel­la­tion, may incur the cost of the class. However, we are understanding of cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances.



6am                       Studio
7am                       Studio
8am                       Studio
9am                       Studio
10am                     Studio
4pm                      Kids Pilates*
4.45pm               Kids Pilates*
5.30pm               Studio
6.30pm               Studio
6.30pm               Mat


6am                       Mat
6am                       Studio
7am                       Studio
8.15am                 Studio
9.30am               Studio
10.30am             Studio
4pm                      Mat
5.30pm               Off The Mat **
6.30pm              Studio
7.30pm               Studio


6am                       Studio
9.15am                 Mat
10.30am             Studio
3.45pm              Kids Studio Pilates*
4.30pm               Kids Studio Pilates*
5.15pm                 Mat
6.15pm                 Studio
7.15pm                  Studio Duet



6am                       Studio
9am                       Studio
10am                     Studio
11am                      Studio
12pm                     Studio
3.45pm                Kids' Pilates
4.30pm               Studio
6pm                      Studio
6.30pm              Mat
7pm                      Studio


6am                       Studio
7am                       Studio
8.15am                 Studio
9.30am               Off The Mat**
10.30am             Studio


7.15am                       Studio
7.15am                       Mat
8.15am                      Studio Duet
8.45am                     Mat
9.15pm                      Studio
10.30am                   Studio



* Kids’ Pilates is a 45min duet session working on the reformer & other Pilates equipment 

** Off The Mat is an accelerated mat class choreographed to up tempo music with an element of jazz & contemporary dance. It has been created & designed by our director, Sharon.

Extra classes will be added to the timetable upon demand.