Girls' Mat Pilates Classes


Girls’ Mat Pilates is a new class that I introduced at Body Revolution in 2017.  Having worked in girls’ education for 21 years, it is my intention to utilise the combination of my education background with experience as a Pilates practitioner to implement a Pilates curriculum and programming specific to girls aged 8 – 15 years, assisting them in their whole body health.

Some key benefits that Pilates for Girls can bring:

  • Help reduce stress & anxiety, increase mind/body fitness

  • Help combat weight, self-esteem, self-image issues and the obesity ‘epidemic’

  • Help alleviate postural and biomechanical issues evident through an increasingly sedentary and technological and social media savvy youth culture

  • Encourage co-ordination & balance with control; flexibility that is functional & unforced

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