Introducing Off The Mat

Off The Mat is an exciting new class created by our Director Sharon Porter. It draws from her background and experience as a music and dance educator and her extensive pilates practice.

It is an accelerated new form of a mat class, which incorporates a fusion of pilates with jazz, hip hop and contemporary dance. Off The Mat expands on the traditional method by incorporating fluid transitions into whole body integrated movement sequences that are choreographed to music.

Sharon’s goal was to design a new class that is unique, challenging, uplifting and fun! Judging by the laughs and grins at the 1980s-themed launch party earlier this year.

By utilising the principles of pilates and highlighting the elements of rhythm and flow, Off The Mat aims to increase the enjoyment of Pilates without diluting the true form of the method or sacrificing the intensity and focus of the work.


The 1980s themed Off The Mat launch party was a huge hit with everyone channel their 80s pop princess for a challenging but enjoyable class.