Five years old and still going strong


Celebrating 5 years

This June we will be celebrating the fifth birthday of the studio and business Body Revolution.

From quite humble beginnings taking mat classes at the parish hall in Kedron, before moving into the lovely space at Newmarket in June 2012, it has been an exciting, exhausting, but joyful journey, developing and establishing a thriving Pilates business.
As with all areas of life, people come and stay, come and go, and then even return. It is enriching to see so many of my original clients are still with us and the countless others who have become part of the Body Revolution community. So, my team and I would like to mark the occasion and celebrate it (in style of course) with you all.
In 2013, I made the transition out of secondary education into running a Pilates studio full-time. I’ve often been asked if I miss teaching, miss the students, teaching Performing Arts or being in a school. The short answer is no. I can honestly say, however, that I have no regrets and have loved every minute of working in the Pilates industry. Every day is a joy and privilege to work with such a wonderful array of people who continue to inspire me and encourage me to grow as a person and as a Pilates practitioner.
Five years on and I feel like I am going full circle as I venture further and further into the area of Pilates for children and adolescents. I’ve been running specialised studio sessions for boys and young men for some time now and this continues to grow. I just commenced a training program with the elite swim squad at a prestigious boys’ school in Brisbane. This is an exciting new opportunity for me and for Pilates and one that will hopefully lead to further experiences in this field. This year has also seen the introduction of a mat class specifically designed for girls aged 10 – 15 years.
So, I’m still a teacher. I’ve come to realise that teaching is what I’m meant to do and I love working and engaging with people of all ages, from mums and their newborns to our mature aged clients. It has always been my ambition to make Pilates relative and accessible to everyone. Pilates truly is for everybody.
I have been blessed to have the most wonderful women work as instructors at Body Revolution over the past five years. My current team are simply sensational; passionate, intelligent and caring. It is such a pleasure to be surrounded by such fantastic women & I humbly thank you all for your continued support, commitment, humour and hard work.
To all of our clients, I thank you for trusting us with your whole body health, sharing your lives with us and for the warmth and spirit that you bring to our special little space at Newmarket.

Best wishes