Fandango Christmas Edition

Fandango returns for Christmas! 

Following on from the roaring success that we had with our first ever studio singing group activity, Fandango is returning for the Christmas season. And it’s coming back bigger and better, with the wonderful Ruani again leading us in song.

What's Fandango?  Fandango is a 6 week singing class, but it's not formal and serious.  Fandango is a fun, enjoyable and casual singing group.  Fandango is about coming together and having fun while learning new skills, developing your confidence and learning about voice, breathing, and the whole mind/body connection. 

Fandango is for everyone:  guys and girls, beginners and experienced singers, anyone aged 16+ is welcome to come. No previous singing experience is required.  Please invite friends, relatives, anyone you think would love to join in.  The more singers, the merrier and joyous the sessions will be! 

Classes start on Saturday November 10th  at 12.30pm for 6 weeks.  They will culminate with a short performance at our Body Revolution Studio Christmas Party on Saturday 15th December.  Cost for the classes is $90.

If you are interested in joining the group, email or call the studio.

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