Tracy's Story

Coming from a running background I was keen to introduce stretching and strengthening into my exercise routine when I started Pilates with Sharon over five years ago.  So much has happened in that time and Sharon and her team have supported me through a lower back injury, a broken ankle and most recently rehab after cancer surgery. Without doubt, building and maintaining core strength with pilates has been an integral component of my recovery.

My Monday morning studio class is small and specifically designed to focus on my areas of difficulty.  Luisa and my Tuesday morning mat classes have introduced me to a great group of regulars so I feel physically and mentally prepared for the work week ahead. 

I’ve now also made the leap into singing lessons with Ruani for fun and rehab, and although it’s all new to me, I’m loving it. Ruani is a very special vocal teacher who conducts private singing lessons at Body Revolution. She is connected to Sharon’s background in Performing Arts education.

It’s early days but I look forward to Fandango, the community choral group that Sharon and Ruani are commencing later this year at the studio. 

I’ve really appreciated Sharon’s expertise and thoughtful approach to every aspect of my fitness and wellbeing.