The Combe Family's Story

Pilates is a family affair for Sarah, Mark, Phoebe, Frances and Fiona Combe. Sarah does studio and mat classes each week, her husband Mark does a mat class each week & all three daughters have been to classes at different times.

Sarah said she started pilates to manage back pain, and before long she was joined by the rest of the family.

"I wanted to improve my core strength and flexibility and to be able to manage injury rehab and back pain. I now have much better management of back pain and other injuries, great rotation and flexibility. It keeps everything toned up and working well. It's a great base for lots of other activities.

"Mark thought it seemed like I was getting results and he wanted to be part of the action. He enjoys better posture, a stronger back, and apart from his hamstrings, has increased flexibility too. He’s also quite keen on his Christmas coffee session with his mat class.

"The girls find Pilates really helps with their other sports and has reduced their injury rate as well! Phoebe has also joined a pilates class in Wellington, New Zealand after doing a variety of classes at Body Revolution.

"The girls all enjoy coming along to classes when they are home, it’s fun to have something like this we can all do together! Sharon is very flexible with letting them come in and out when they are visiting.

"There is a certain amount of muscle tone comparison on our family holidays. Pilates has been a great way for all the family to manage health and fitness goals. I look forward to being able to grow old disgracefully!"